The United Bank of India’s decision to declare the C.C. Account No. was upheld by the Patna High Court. The designation of petitioner as N.P.A. by 1638250001557 is illegal and against the law.

Ramdhyan Singh, s/o Ramnandan Singh, proprietor of M/S Singh Enterprises, a resident of Mohalla-Adarsh Colony, Karma Road, P.O., P.S., and District Aurangabad (Bihar), filed this lawsuit against the state of Bihar.The verdict in the case of Ramadhyan Singh v. State of Bihar (CWJC No. 8514 of 2021), which was handed down by HONORABLE THE CHIEF JUSTICE and HONORABLE MR.SANJEEV PRAKASH SHARMA

Facts of the case

The petitioner filed this Writ Petition asking the Court to declare the respondent bank’s action declaring the C.C. Account No.The designation of petitioner as N.P.A. by 1638250001557 is illegal and against the law.In addition, the petitioner requests that the Court direct bank employees to reinstate the C.C. Account No.1638250001557 of the petitioner as of the 31st of October 2019, prior to its designation as N.P.A. The petitioner also sought relief for ordering the respondent bank not to initiate any proceedings against the petitioner during the pendency of this writ petition and for ruling that the petitioner is not liable to pay any interest or overdue amount since the 30th of November 2019 until the final disposition of the writ petition and thereafter due to the fact that the petitioner was not


The court noted that the petitioner’s counsel requested permission to withdraw the current petition while maintaining the right to initiate the necessary proceedings before the Debt Recovery Tribunal, which is now fully operational.The petition was finally dismissed after the court granted permission.

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