Litigation is a process for handling disputes in the court system.  Litigation is a contested action, where someone else, such as a judge may make the final decisions for the parties unless the parties settle before trial. Settlement can happen at any point during the process. During the litigation process, there may be a series of hearings and temporary orders (e.g. temporary custody and support), culminating in the final orders.  Final orders regarding the real issues in the case (e.g. custody, support, division of assets) are usually entered only after there has been a trial with witnesses.

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Bail is your Right!
Bail can be granted as a conditional liberty to the accused.

Anticipatory Bail

I know what matters!
Anticipatory Bail is a direction to release a person on bail in the event of arrest, issued even before the person is arrested.

Sex Crime

Being in control of yourself is True power!
A crime involving sexual assault or having a sexual motive.

Corporate Criminal Issue

Know what is criminal liabilities

Criminal Trail

The process of the court needs to attend

Police law & FIR

All the FIR registered at police stations need to discuss briefly to find the remedies


A crime committed by any minor need to have special attention

Motor Accidental Issues

Need to follow the process of law to counter the FIR originated from accidental FIR.

Animal Cruelty

Don’t be a ignorant, stop the abuser!
Acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals are considered animal cruelty.

Cheque Bounce

Once Bounced you will be Punished! Step should be taken to protect.


Tort Claims

Compensation for a wrongful act or defend on wrongful compensation.

Breach of Contract Claims

Claim your compensation for failure to perform as per the contract.

Landlord / Tenant Issues.

Forceful evictions or non-payment of rent, deductions in security deposits

Partition Suits

You’re not Cured until They’re Insured!

rights to claim your property

Injunction Suits

A proven process, a positive outcome!

An Injunction means that one of the parties to a certain action must either do something or refrain from doing something.

Declaration Suits

Everything Matters!

To established rights over the property.

Money Recovery

Recover your dues or defend any illegal claims


Divorce, Legal separations, Annulment of marriage

Also known as dissolution of marriage, it is the process of terminating a Marriage or marital union.

Restitution of Conjugal Rights

Fostering relationships through effective communication! Restitution of conjugal rights is the only remedy which could be used by the deserted spouse against the other.

Child custody, Guardian and Ward

Claim guardianships or defend any claims


There is a law which governs the adoptions or legalize adoptions.

Domestic Violence

All acts of physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence that may be committed by a family member or intimate partner.

Dowry Harassment

Judicial movement on dowry harassment-related issues are revolutionary.


Illegal Termination

Wrongful always means illegal, seek legal help

Salary Dues

Salary is the price you pay to compromise on your dreams, We dig deep to help you legally!

Maternity Benefits

Happiness is going to be in close proximity,
Know your rights legally!

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Sexual harassment is no joke,
Understand, Prevent and Respond the Legal way!


Workplace misconduct! We recommend an Action!


Cheque Bounce

Once Bounced you will be Punished! Step should be taken to protect.

Sarfaesi Act

The possession taken under this law needs to have a proper adjudication

Debt Collection

ALL YOU NEED IS A legal structure


Lending unless accompanied by a legal document has no legal obligation!

Insurance Claims

Legally enforceable right, demand relief legally!


Why carry enormous debt, Seek a legal remedy!


Business & Mercantile, Arbitration And Mediation

Arbitral award equal to the decree of court. For more, seek legal opinions!

Commercial Contracts And Agreements, Licensing

Vague agreements may lead to disputes and costly litigation! Seek legal advice.

Mergers And Acquisition Partnership

Combining with another company to find great success and growth in a systematic legal way!

Media, Communication, Entertainment

Piracy is robbery, Protect your rights in a legal manner!


Identity Theft, Fraud

Identity Theft, Fraud

Bank, Mail Fraud

Bank, Mail Fraud

IT Agreements

IT Agreements

Information Warfare

Information Warfare

Phishing Scams

Phishing Scams



Information Warfare

Information Warfare

Propagation Of Illegal Obscene Or Offensive Content

Propagation Of Illegal Obscene Or Offensive Content

Including Harassment And Threats

Including Harassment And Threats


Consumer Protection

Unfair Trade Practice

Deficiency In Services

Human Rights

Citizenship, Immigration

Real Estate