The petitioner’s application for pre-arrest bail under Indian Penal Code Sections 341, 447, 323, 324, 325, 379, 354A, 504 and 506/34 was denied by the Patna High Court.

Md. Saladuddin Ansari filed the case against the State of Bihar. The Decision in MD.VS. SALAUDDIN ANSARI vs The State of Bihar (Citation:CR.MISC.No. 4298 of 2021) was decided by HONORABLE MR.AHSANUDDIN AMANULLAH

Facts of the case

On the basis of the motion slip submitted by learned counsel for the petitioners, the case was heard out of turn.In connection with Pratapganj PS Case No. 1, the petitioners anticipate being arrested.Initiated in accordance with Indian Penal Code Sections 341, 447, 323, 324, 325, 379, 354A, 504 and 506/34 on January 23, 2020.The petitioners and others are accused of assaulting the informant and her family, causing injuries. Specifically, these two petitioners are accused of assaulting the informant with lathi, danda, and farsa, fracturing the informant’s mother-in-law’s leg and the informant’s father-in-law’s leg, both of whom later died from their injuries.


The petitioners were denied pre-arrest bail after the Court considered the facts, circumstances, and arguments of both parties.

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