Madras High Court directed to appoints trained and skilled non-official board of visitors to jails

Madras High Court

In this case writ petition was filed to issue writ of mandamus to appoint the trained and non-official board of visitors to jails as per Rule 507 of the Tail Nadu Prison Rules, 1983 for visiting each central and sub jails to address the grievance of prisoners. The court directed the same to respondents. The case was People’s Watch v. Home Secretary, Writ Petition (MD) No. 15321 of 2017. The case was presided by THE HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE R. MAHADEVAN and THE HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE J. SATHYA NARAYANA PRASAD.

Facts of the case

  1. The petitioner, is a Human Rights Org. based on Madurai which was represented by his Executive Director, filed a petition to issue the writ of mandamus. Its seeks the appointment of the trained and skilled non official Board of visitors to jail as per Rule 507 of the Tail Nadu Prison Rules, 1983 for visiting each central and sub jails to address the grievance of prisoners and helping prison administration.
  2. The grievance of the petitioner was that the state government has not appointed the non-officials visitor as per the rule, thereby violating the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Prison Rules, 1983. It is further stated that it is necessary to appoint non-officials visitors to ensure the manner in which prisoners are treated.
  3. The petitioner said that respondent should appoint the board of non-officials for every jails and shall be notified in the state government gazette.


The Court said as per Tamil Nadu Prisoner Rules provision the state government must appoint the non-officials in jails. Further it said that the prison administration needs to be reformed to create a better environment and prison culture, to ensure that the prisoners enjoy their dignified life under Article 21.

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