Schools are directed by the Madras High Court to frame Anti-Sexual Harassment policy and also to provide redressal mechanism and reporting to the student

Madras High Court

In this case Madras High Court after observing that sexual harassment in educational institute are increasing day-by-day. The Madras High Court directed the schools to take proper measure against sexual abuse of Children. The case was A Veronica Mary V/S The State of Tamil Nadu and others [(Mad)487 (2022)]. The Case was presided by the Divison bench of Mr. Justice R Mahadevan & Mr. Justcice Sathya Narnayana Prasad.

Facts of the cases

  • The petition was filed Social Activist Veronica Mary seeking proper functioning of mobile counselling centers in schools to prevent sexual abuse against children which is happening in the schools.
  • The petitioner said that this also creating fear and restlessness among children.
  • The counsel of the petitioner submitted that though the government had passed an order in 2012 for setting up mobile counselling centres for counselling of student and for solving problems related to sexual harrasment in the schools.
  • These mobile centres are not that much effective. The court noted that even though the intiative was taken decade ago but still no further changes were done there for its effective working. However it appreciate the government for announcing a helpline number (14417) for students to make calls regarding complaints of sexual harassment. But still it will not cover the non-functioning of the mobile counselling centres.


The court said that after visualizing the importance of the protection of the child from sexual abuse and directed to the schools that they should take effective action. The bench said that sexual abuse is an assault on the very dignity and personhood of a child, which leaves a lasting trauma on children hindering their allover development. They said that schools should take immediate action regarding the mobile counselling so that children can use it when it is needed.

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