The notification gave by Bihar State Food and Common Supplies Partnership Restricted on eighth July 2020 has outlasted its life.Along these lines it need not to be arbitrate upon: Patna High Court.

Meera Chaturwedi, a woman who is approximately 42 years old and is the wife of Suresh Chandra Chaturvedi, the owner of M/S Shubham Chawal Udyog Rice Mill and a resident of Village – Ramgarh, P.S. Ramgarh, District – Kaimur (Bhabhua), filed this case against the State of Bihar.In the case of Meera Chaturwedi vs.Bihar, the Indian state (Citation:HONORABLE MR. served CWJC No. 14 of 2021).Honorable MR. RAJAN GUPTA and Justice RAJAN GUPTAMOHIT KUMAR SHAH

Facts of the case

In this instance, the petitioner has challenged the public notice that Bihar State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Limited (BSFC) published on July 8, 2020, in the newspaper Hindustan.In light of orders dated 28.02.2017 and 13.08.2018 issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in SLP(Crl.), this notice proposed selling the property pledged by one defaulter named Millers, including the petitioner’s.No.SLP(Crl.) of 2016 and 1779No.However, despite the fact that the notice stated that the pledged property would be sold at auction on July 28, 2020, the respondents have not done so.


Following consideration of the arguments, the court dismissed the petition and determined that the auction sale has not yet taken place.As a result, the contested notice has expired, and the Court is not required to rule on it.

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