Court Guided State Specialists to pay amended tip to the Candidate: Patna High Court.

This Case was filled by RAJENDRA BHAGAT child of late Jhapsi Bhagat Occupant of MohallaCharch Street, chandwara Ward No.45, Muzaffarpur, Town, District, Police Station against the State of Bihar.The Decision in Rajendra Bhagat v. State of Bihar HONORABLE MR. approved CWJC No. 5116 of 2021).P. B. BAJANTHRI

Facts of the case

In this instance, the petitioner requested that the court order the Respondents to pay the petitioner the revised gratuity in the amount of Rs.5200-20200/ (G.P. Rs.2400/-).In addition, to request that the Respondents pay the revised unused leave encashment in the amount of Rs.Rs. 5200-20200 (Grade Pay)2400/-, in addition to paying the petitioner the interest-bearing portion of Part G.I.

The petitioner also asks the court to order the Respondents to pay the petitioner the difference in pension payments from August 2000 to February 2019 in ACP/MACP scale dollars.5200-20,200/-, and the difference in salary in the ACP/MACP scale between March 1989 and July 2000 is Rs.5200-20200/- To finally pay the petitioner the amount due in pension and gratuity interest pursuant to Government Circular No.P-C-2116179/3155, dated November 7, 1981, and pay penal interest on all outstanding debts from the due dates to the respective payment dates.


After hearing the arguments, the court found that the petitioner’s request for relief was supported by representation. As a result, the court ordered the relevant authority to address the petitioner’s complaint by looking at the representation, service details, and ACP/MACP Rules or Scheme.In addition, the court decided that if the petitioner is eligible, an order granting monetary benefits should be made. If they are not speaking, an order explaining why the petitioner is not entitled to the ACP/MACP pay scale and the benefits that come with it should be made, and the petitioner should be informed of the decision.

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