The Petition is thrown out if the necessary and proper parties do not join: Patna High Court.

Rajendra Kumar Jha, the son of Ramlochan Jha, filed this lawsuit against the State of Bihar. He is a resident of the village of Marukia in the Chatra Gobraura Uttar, P.O. Marukia, P.S.-Khajauli, District Madhubani, Bihar, 84228.In the case of Rajendra Kumar Jha vs. the State of Bihar (citation:CWJC No.623 of 2021), which was given by HONOURABLE MR.P. B. BAJANTHRI

Facts of the Case

This was a writ petition filed in accordance with Article 226 of the Indian Constitution.As the petitioners had passed the Physical Fitness Test administered by the respondents authorities for selection and appointment on the post of Constable, in accordance with Advertisement No.01/2004, 02/2004, 03/2004 dated 08-02-2004 published for filling the posts of Constables in the various districts of the State of Bihar, the petitioner in this case sought the Court to issue an appropriate writ, order, or direction to the respondents to consider the case of the petitioners for their selection and appointment on the


The court noted that third-party rights would be affected if the petitioners’ grievance is granted.These individuals, whose rights are likely to be affected, have not been named by the petitioners.In light of the ruling by the Supreme Court in Ranjan Kumar & Ors., the court dismissed the current petition for nonjoinder of necessary and proper parties.Vs.Bihar State and Others,and granted the petitioners permission to submit a new petition in accordance with the law.

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