If the Petitioner is eligible, he should receive the arrears, and if not, a speaking order should be issued for the same: Patna High Court.

Ramanand, the son of late Guljar and a resident of New Dawariya, P.S. Anishabad, District-Patna, and others brought this case against the State of Biahr.The verdict in Ramanand & Co. vs the State of Bihar (CWJC No. 6464 of 2020) REPORTED BY JUSTICE P. B. BAJANTHRI


In accordance with Article 226 of the Indian Constitution of 1950, this case was resolved.In this case, the main question was whether the petitioners are entitled to interest on the amount of arrears, including D.A., due to the extension of the 5th Pay Commission.The petitioners’ arrears were extended in 2016-17 in reference to the 5th Pay Commission, whereas the respondent corporation was said to have adopted the 1997-introduced pay commission in 2004.As a result, the remaining query is whether or not the petitioners are entitled to interest from 2004 to 2016-17.


In this case, the Court said that the competent authority should take the representation into consideration and make a legal decision.Calculation and distribution of any interest that the petitioners are entitled to are required.The petitioners will be informed of the speaking order if they are denied it.5.After receiving a copy of this order, the preceding task must be completed within four months.6.The writ petition has been dismissed.

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