Nomination Doesn’t Confer Any Beneficial Interest On Nominee; Legal Heirs Entitled To Claim As Per Succession: MP High Court

As the Madhya Pradesh High Court recently pointed out, a nominee is merely an authorised hand to receive the insurance amount, which is subject to distribution among the legal heirs under the law of succession governing the parties. A mere nomination would not confer any beneficial interest on the nominee under an insurance policy.

The case of ARUN KUMAR SINGH v SMT. JAYA SINGH and ors (C.R No.38/2021p) Was led by learned Justice Anjuli Palo


The deceased had gotten a life insurance policy and named his father (the Petitioner) as the beneficiary, according to the facts of the case. Respondent, the deceased policyholder’s wife, requested the payout of the policy’s death benefit in a letter to the insurance company after her husband’s passing. Her motion, however, was denied on the basis that the Petitioner was the only candidate. After the lower court partially granted her application for a succession certificate under Section 372 of the Indian Succession Act, the Petitioner filed an appeal with the appellate court.


The Court held that the lower courts’ decision to rule in favour of the Respondents was neither irrational or contrary to law. As a result, the Court decided that the challenged directives did not call for any intervention. This petition was thus denied.


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Judgement reviewed by Deepa Bajaj.


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