Meditation is referred By the court to settle the dispute between them : High court of Karnataka

The issue in this case is settlement between petitioner 1 and respondent 2 and petitioner is praying to quash the proceeding against the petitioner is filed under section 482. Then parties were referred to meditation for the settlement is upheld by High court Karnataka through learned bench led by the Honourable MR.JUSTICE SREENIVAS HARISH KUMAR in case of SRI.HONNEGOWDA vs STATE OF KARNATAKA ( criminal petition no.8769 of 2021) on 22nd December 2021.

Brief facts of the case are that the petitioner is the husband of the Respondent. Because of some differences between the Petitioner and the respondent , then the respondent Lodged a complaint with the respondent-police, Pursuant to which the respondent-police registered An FIR for harassment in Connection with dowry demand. The petitioner also Instituted a proceedings for divorce in the family Court Mysuru.

After hearing both the parties , court decided that meditation should be the best way to settle the matter between them and then court directed both of them for the meditation and gave some time them for settlement between them. Pursuant to settlement, respondent has agreed to withdraw case against the petitioner

The petitioner and respondent present before the honourable court with their learned councils for the settlement of dispute . And respondent agreed to the judgement and submits a report that she has not a problem in quashing the proceeding against the petitioner.

Since the FIR came to be registered in the background of metamorial dispute and the parties have now settled the matter, the proceedings against the petitioners on the file of the JMFC are quashed.

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Judgement Reviewed by Sugam Anand Mishra


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