SOP for resumption of Physical hearing issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India issued Standard Operating Procedure for physical hearing of matters. The SOP has came out after a 7-judge Committee suggested of the Court  recommended resumption of physical hearings in a limited manner.


The SOP at very outset mentions that on an experimental basis, a pilot scheme will be initiated under which physical hearing of matters shall initially commence in three Court-rooms and eventually, number of matters or the number of Court-rooms may be increased or reduced, as the situation may warrant or permit. To practice Social Distancing, only a limited number of Advocates and parties in person shall be allowed to enter in the Courtroom at any given time and if the number of parties is more, then only one AOR and one Arguing Counsel per party will be allowed to enter.


It is mandatory to wear masks, frequently use hand sanitizer and adhering to physical distancing inside the court premises. A ‘Special Hearing Passes’ will be issued by the Registry for entry into High Security Zone on the basis of authorization by the concerned AOR and on the completion of hearing of their respective case, the Ld. Advocates/Parties-in-Person/Clerks, etc. shall move out of the High Security Zone through the movement corridor and exit from the designated gates, further volunteers will be present to provide guidance on turn-wise entry into the designated Court Room for hearing and the entry into and exit from each Court Room will  be done by separate doors.


Click here to read SOP

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