Due to their “contemptuous” behaviour in the acting Chief Justice’s chamber, two people were placed under arrest. The Orissa High Court.

Title: Pravat Kumar Padhi & Ors. v. State of Odisha & Ors.

Decided on: October 19, 2023

Writ C No. – 21030 of 2023

CORAM:  Acting Chief. Justice Dr. B.R. Saarangi Mr. Justice Murahari Sri Raman.


In this case, the Orissa High Court is debating the validity of establishing a court in Konark. Numerous legal challenges, disputes over land allocation, and disrespectful conduct in the courtroom have all occurred there, resulting in the arrest of two people.


The conflict in this case relates to the construction of a court in Konark, Odisha. The petitioners have filed several legal challenges, there have been delays in the distribution of land, and two people have been arrested for acting disrespectfully in court. The petitioners and the court have taken numerous actions and issued numerous orders throughout the case’s complicated history.


The earlier court orders were ultimately upheld by the Hon’ble Apex Court. The petitioners and another person also disrupted and behaved disrespectfully during the court proceedings, which resulted in their arrest for contempt of court. The writ petition was dismissed by the court after it determined there was nothing further to decide. 

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Written by- Kusuma R


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