Delhi High Court Upholds Cancellation of School Security Tenders: Key Takeaways and Compensation Rights   

Case Title: M/S Bombay Intelligence Security India Ltd. v. Government of NCT of Delhi & Ors. 

Date of Decision: 27th September, 2023

Case Number: W.P.(C) 12314/2023 

Coram: Hon’ble the Chief Justice and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sanjeev Narula 




This case involves a dispute between three security services companies (Petitioners) and the Government of NCT of Delhi (GNCTD) regarding the cancellation of tenders issued by the Directorate of Education (DoE) for the deployment of security personnel in government schools in Delhi. The Petitioners had won these tenders, but the DoE annulled the process, leading to the cancellation of the contracts. The Petitioners challenged this decision in the High Court of Delhi. 


Factual Background 


  • DoE issued tenders for security services in government schools in Delhi.  
  • Petitioners emerged as successful bidders in the tender process.  
  • Previous legal challenges were raised against the initial tenders, but the DoE decided to reissue new tenders.  
  • Petitioners submitted bids and were awarded contracts.  
  • Deployment was scheduled to start on 10th August 2023.  
  • The DoE halted the process and later canceled the tenders on the grounds that certain bidders had provided false information regarding their qualifications.  


Legal Issues 


The key legal issues in this case are:  

  1. Whether the cancellation of the tender process by DoE was justified. 
  2. Whether the Petitioners are entitled to compensation for the losses incurred due to the cancellation. 


Contentions of the Parties 


  • Petitioners argued that DoE’s decision to cancel the tenders was arbitrary and lacked justification.  
  • DoE contended that the cancellation was necessary due to misleading information provided by certain bidders, which compromised the integrity of the process.  


Observation and Analysis 


The court’s analysis focuses on the integrity of the tendering process, emphasizing that transparency, fairness, and competitiveness are fundamental values of any tendering process. It highlights the fact that some bidders had provided misleading information, leading to the inclusion of unqualified participants in the competition. The court finds that this compromised the integrity of the entire procedure and justifies the DoE’s decision to cancel the tenders. It also noted that the Petitioners’ claim for compensation should be pursued through civil proceedings.  


Decision of the Court 


The High Court upheld the DoE’s decision to cancel the tenders, finding it justified given the compromised integrity of the process. The Court disposed of the petition, allowing the Petitioners to seek compensation through civil proceedings. 


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Written by – Ananya Chaudhary 

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