Bombay High Court at Goa extends bail taking into account the health of the applicant

Bombay High Court at Goa extends bail taking into account the health of the applicant

Title: Sukhwinder Singh v. State

Decided on: September 11, 2023

Citation: 2023 SCC OnLine Bom 1975


Facts of the Case

This case is an application for extension of bail duration granted to the applicant by three months. It is pointed out that the applicant needs a surgery urgently. The counsel for the applicant produced latest medical case papers which indicated that surgery of the applicant had been deferred as blood sugar was still not under control. It is contended by the counsel for the applicant that he is suffering from diabetes and unless the blood sugar is brought under control, it is difficult to perform surgery. He further submitted that compared to the earlier report sugar level was reduced and therefore a further temporary bail would help reduce the sugar level more to accommodate the performance of the surgery. The prosecution debated the duration stating only a period of four weeks should be offered as opposed to the three months requested.

Court Analysis and Judgement:

The Court took account of the fact that the applicant is currently undergoing treatment and is in need of a surgery being performed. But for the surgery to be performed, his sugar level has to be brought into control. The Court therefore grants further bail to help bring the sugar level of the applicant under control. However, a period of two months was granted as opposed to the three months requested for.

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Written by- Reema Nayak

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