The State and Temple Organizers must approve the proposal to allocate cash for the temple: Patna High Court

TITLE: Gaurav Kumar Singh v. The State of Bihar & Ors.

Decided on: 25-07-2023

CWJC No: 5188/2021




The writ suit was brought in order to protect and preserve Jalla Hanuman Temple for its upkeep, the removal of encroachments, the installation of CCTV cameras, the placement of street lights close to the temple, and other unrelated activities in order to enhance the region around the temple as a tourist destination. 

Analysis of the court and decision:

Insofar as the upkeep and growth of the location are concerned, these are all policy considerations that we would not direct. The court noted that there is also a proposal to construct temporary fencing, for which funds were obtained from the State; this decision must also be made by the State in cooperation with the Temple’s organisers and, to the extent possible, enable such fencing with revenue from the temple itself. 

The court dismissed the writ petition because it thought of no basis to keep it open.

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Written by- Meghana D

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