Advocate Found Guilty of Contempt of Forgery, Court Accepts the Apology- Madhya Pradesh High Court

The Madhya Pradesh High Court, held an advocate guilty of contempt for forging signatures of the petitioner on affidavit. This was seen in Suo Moto in the matter of the State of M.P. versus Father of Prosecutrix “A”[CONC No. 415 OF 2022]. The case was presided over by Justice G.S. Ahluwalia.



The case dealt with a suo moto contempt petition, where the man and his minor daughter were accussed of and held guilty of suppressing facts in their writ petition to obtain permission of the court to let the daughter abort her pregnancy.

Later on, it was discovered that the counsel for the petitioner had forged his signature on the affidavit. The counsel eventually accepted his mistake before the court and pleaded mercy and apologised for the same.


The court held the counsel guilty of contempt, further, the court opined that his unconditional apology could be considered even though he committed an unpardonable mistake.

Accordingly, the unconditional apology, tendered by Shri Mehmood Khan, is hereby accepted with a warning that he should not repeat the same in future and if he is found indulged in such type of practice in future, then no apologizes would be accepted.

The court also expects from the counsel that he should make an attempt to bring awareness amongst the lawyers and they should not indulge in any kind of unpardonable tactics.


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