The police constable who faced charges of extortion got his bail application denied – Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana


Citation: CRM-M-39741-2023


Decided on: 17th DAY OF OCTOBER 2023



Police constable, Mohit Bedi, accused of extortion from the accused Gopal Singh’ s wife, Maryam, filed bail application in Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana. The Court dismissed the petition on the grounds that the prime facie evidence are sufficient enough to hold the case against petitioner and the petitioner is a member of police personnel which constitutes the crime more serious.


The petitioner, Mohit Bedi, who was a constable in Special Task Force of Punjab Police, was accused of extortion of Rs 10,00,000 from complainant (Maryam). Based on the complaint of Maryam, Police team from Vigilance Department have conducted a trap operation to arrest the petitioner and co-accused. The complainant presented Rs 2,00,000 i.e. advance amount of total bribe to Vigilance Team and the team have noted down the serial number of the currency and smeared them with phenolphthalein powder. Later, the complainant along with 2 shadow witnesses handed over the same currency amount to co-accused Aman. Aman, on receiving the amount, calculated it with his fingers and kept it in his drawer. The shadow witnesses have witnessed the same and gave signal to the vigilance Team. Vigilance Team, on getting the signal, raided co-accused Aman’s shop, recovered the amount and cross checked the serial number (which mostly matched), and dipped Aman’s fingers in sodium carbonated solution water. The water turned pink which indicated that Aman has used his fingers on the same currency notes.

Aman was taken into custody by Vigilance Team to Special Task Force office, Amritsar. During his custodial interrogation, Aman disclosed that Maryam told him (Aman) that her husband has been arrested by police and police has demanded the said amount from her. Aman also disclosed that Maryam’s husband, Gopal Singh, has contacted him through petitioner’s WhatsApp and asked for help and to settle the matter with police. After the recording of the statement, petitioner Mohit Bedi was arrested.

Court’s Analysis and Judgement:

The Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana observed that cases of extortion are part of a severe crime. And the extortion done by a police personnel do not only degrades the position of the victim, but also deceives his colleagues. The petitioner knew about the illegal dealing of drugs by Gopal Singh and so wanted to have a piece of such a big cake. The evidence presented by Vigilance Team were sufficient enough prime facie accuse the petitioner.

Based on the above findings and observations by Hon’ble High Court, the bail petition was dismissed and the Interim orders was stand vacated. Also the bail bonds, if any, were cancelled.

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Written by- Gauri Joshi

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