The court approves the government’s plans for the international fair, granting the fair’s approval: Himachal Pradesh High Court.

The court approves the government’s plans for the international fair, granting the fair’s approval, upheld by the High Court of Himachal Pradesh through the learned Judge JUSTICE SABINA and JUSTICE SATYEN VAIDYA, in the case of  Lawan Thakur v. State of Himachal Pradesh & others, (CWPIL N.5 of 2021).


Brief facts of the case:

the Mandi Shivaratri Fair, a renowned international fair conducted annually for seven days, taking into account and expressing pleasure with the government’s preparations for the fair.

Moreover, it was argued that during this COVID-19 epidemic, according to the recommendations of the Government of India and the State of Himachal Pradesh, large gatherings are authorized, but the respondents have made no preparations for executing the guidelines, which might be lethal to the public.

In response, on March 9, 2021, the court issued notice to the respondents, and on March 10, 2021, the Senior Additional Advocate General placed on record instructions in which it was decided to organize the fair in accordance with all COVID-19 protocols and guidelines issued from time to time by the Centre and State Government.


The Court has been informed of the following arrangements occurring at the fair:

  • Ensuring enough entry/exit points in Mela Ground
  • Install foot-powered sanitizing units at all entrances to the Shivratri Mela Ground.
  • A sufficient number of trash cans are installed on the Mela Ground.
  • 50 Social Emergency Response Volunteers are deployed on the Mela grounds to maintain social separation and compliance with Covid-19-related protocols.
  • Thermal screening will be conducted at entrance points.
  • Everyone has been urged to download the Arogya Setu app before entering Mela grounds.
  • 5000 face masks will be kept in reserve for distribution to those in need if someone is discovered in the mela without one.
  • Teams of Medical/Police are sent as Mela Ground to check symptomatic individuals; if an infected/symptomatic individual is discovered, he or she will be isolated promptly.
  • The act of spitting is banned.
  • The elderly, pregnant women, and children under the age of 10 are advised not to enter the mela grounds.
  • A mandatory RTPCR Covid-19 test is administered to all cooks and catering personnel who will make and serve Dham/community cuisine at the Mela.
  • A call to contact the toll-free numbers 104 and 1077 in the event of a health-related problem or emergency is made.

In light of these preparations, the Court was pleased with the guidelines/actions followed by the respondents in arranging Shivratri and other social involvement.

In addition, responders were instructed to take action not only during holidays such as Shivratri, but also whenever people congregate for other reasons.

With this, the petition was concluded.


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