Time granted to Crime Branch till 15th July to complete investigation in actress assault case: Kerala High Court

The High Court of Kerala, through the learned judge, Justice Kauser Edappagath granted the Crime Branch time till 15th July to complete the investigation in the infamous actress assault case State of Kerala v P Gopalakrishnan alias Dileep (CRL.M.APPL.NO.13/2022 IN CRL.MC NO. 803 OF 2022)

BRIEF FACTS OF THE CASE: Malayalam Actor Dileep have been accused of being the mastermind for his alleged active involvement in the case wherein a Malayalam female actress was sexually assaulted. On account of the case filed, Actor Dileep was arrested in the year 2017 and he remained in police custody for about 83 days until he was granted bail. The case is still pending investigation. The actress had recently approached the court in Kerala High Court alleging foul play in the investigation of the sensational case. The survivor alleged that the prosecution and investigation agency was threatened by people in the highly influential circle to end the investigation and file the additional final report in a half-baked manner. This petition was filed by the prosecution to extend the time fixed as per the order dated 19/4/2022 in Crl. M.A.No.6/2022 in Crl.M.C No.803/2022 to complete the further investigation in another three months. Respondent No. 1, Actor Dileep filed a detailed objection against the petition.

JUDGEMENT: After hearing contentions raised by both the parties, Justice Kauser Edappagath opined that, he is of the view that although the prayer for extension of time has to be favourably considered to meet the ends of justice, further investigation cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely. Initial investigation of the case was completed, and the final report was filed within a period of two months and further investigation was completed within a period of six months. Later, considering the entire facts and circumstances of the case, the investigation was again resumed. More than five months’ time has expired since the second round of investigation of the case commenced. The time fixed by the Apex Court by its order dated 16th August 2021 to complete the trial has also expired. Stating the above-mentioned reasons, the court closed the petition directing the investigating agency to complete further investigation and file a final report not later than 15/04/2022.


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