Interstate boundary dispute between State of Uttar Pradesh and State of Haryana to be settled with utmost promptitude: Punjab High Court.

The Punjab High Court, in DHARAMPAL V/S STATE OF HARYANA AND OTHERS (CWP-9015-2023), held that utmost promptitude must be exercised by officials of both sides in resolving the settlement of boundary disputes by both the states. The judgement was presided by Honorable Mr. Justice Sureshwar Thakur and Honorable Mr. Justice Kuldeep Tiwari.


 In a meeting held at Chandigarh in this regard, was held by the Additional Solicitor General of India. The attendees included officials from PHCGDC, Survey of India, Chandigarh and others. It was unanimously arrived at the decision of construction of pillars in the disputed areas. In this regard, a letter of the details of the pillars was sent to PHCGDC, Chandigarh. Cumulative cost to be borne by both states was reached at Rs. 4,46,26,460/-. Learned counsel for the State of UP contended time in necessary approvals for the disbursement of required funds.


The court held that although there is a need of time for approvals, the matter of an emergent nature and required promptitude on part of both the states. Thus, both the states were directed to deposit the amount within a week. The Directorate Generals of Police and revenue officials from both sides were directed to mark their presence in case of any law-and-order situation. This exercise would enable the demarcation of both the states, and it was held that the revenue records would be transferred in accordance with the site plan.


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