Failure of compliance to remove hoarding and billboards met with contempt petition: Punjab High Court.

A petition was filed at the Punjab High Court on 13th February, 2023, in Council of Engineers and anr v/s V.K. Janjua and anr. (COCP-2736-2022), regarding the failure of an 18 year order by the court to remove the hoarding and billboards. The judgement was presided by Honourable Mr. Justice B.S. Walia.


The petitioners moved a contempt plea in the High Court under section 12 of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971. The contempt was issues on account of inaction of State authorities to remove the billboards and hoardings. These billboards and hoarding faced highways, main roads and side lanes. In a Namit Kaur v/s Union Territory of Chandigarh (CWP-7639-1995), the removal of boards from the roads was issued by the High Court. Similarly, demolition of iron or concrete pillars supporting such hoardings was issues to be removed within a period of one month.


After a lapse of over 8 years, there had been no sign of removal of the billboards or the hoardings. The petitioner fit here claimed that the non removal of the boards is in violation of the judgement by the High Court. The issue of road safety concerns were contended by the Court as the hoardings distracted the drivers of motor vehicles. Citing the reasons of distractions and the danger posed thereby, the petition was contended in the court.

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