NCDRC dismisses complaint against homeopathy clinic which failed to provide “complete cure” for skin ailment : NCDRC

The NCDRC passed a judgement on 19th February, 2023 This was seen in the case of S Shanmuga Sundaram vs Positive Homeopathy Revision petition no. 565 of 2021 he case was presided over by Hon’ble  Dr. S.N. Kantikar , Presiding Member


In this case  complainant had alleged that the clinic, Positive Homeopathy Clinic, had promised him a complete cure for his ailment, which involved the hardening of the skin.He further accused the clinic of promising him that the skin would become soft and normal after six months.The complainant added that after a year’s treatment yielding no such result, the clinic treated him for one more year for free. However, the condition was not cured after the additional year of treatment either.The clinic, on the other hand, denied having assured or promised a “complete cure.”The clinic added that homeopathic treatment is holistic and depended on various factors, and also submitted that no doctor could promise a 100% cure for any ailment.


The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) recently dismissed a complaint by a senior citizen alleging deficiency in service by a homeopathy clinic for failing to complete cure a skin ailment as promised [S Shanmuga Sundaram vs Positive Homeopathy].

Presiding Member, Dr SM Kantikar observed that the ailment the complainant was suffering from, “Heloma Durum” (hard corns or abnormal growth and hardening of skin in the soles and palms, causing severe pain), was hereditary and did not have any “complete cure.”

As such, no doctor could assure a complete recovery from such an ailment, the the NCDRC said.“It is pertinent to note that the Complainant was suffering from “Heloma Durums”, which was heredity disease and has no complete cure. Therefore, no doctor can assure for full recovery from such ailments,” the order stated.

Hence, the NCDRC dismissed the revision plea before it and upheld earlier orders of the District and State consumer forums that had ruled against the complainant.

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Order reviewed by Drishti verma

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