Bail grant to Raman Bhuraria in money laundering case: Delhi High Court

The Delhi High court passed a judgement on  8th  February, 2023. This was seen in the case of   Raman  Bhuraria v Directorate of Enforcement Bail Appln. 4330/2021 he case was presided over by Hon’ble  Justice Jasmeet Singh.


Bhuraria was the internal auditor of Shakti Bhog Foods Limited (SBFL) and statutory auditor of several sister concerns of SBFL. In this case ED has alleged  that raman bhararai was mastermind in the money laundering case of ₹3269.42 crores related to shakti bhog food bank fraud and he was directly involved in paper sale purchase transactions of SBFL without conducting any actual business transactions which resulted in inflation of their financials. It was on the strength of these audited but falsely inflated financials that SBFL was able to obtain loans from banks, the ED contended.


 Justic singh said that retracted statement (a statement made by an accused person before the trial begins, by which he / she admits to have committed the offence, but which he/she repudiate at the trial.) Cannot form the basis of guilt of the applicant and it is difficult to place guilty of the offence on bhurarai bases on those statement under prevention of money laundering act.

Court said tha“Without a completion of investigation, no charges can be framed nor can trial cannot begin. In the light of this, the court cannot let the applicant undergo long period of detention. If this court allows the continuing pre-trial incarceration, the same will amount to deprivation of personal liberty as well as travesty of justice as the same is equivalent to punishment without trial.” 

The bench, therefore, granted regular bail to Raman Bhuraria and ordered Bhuraria to be released on bail on the condition he furnishes a personal bond of ₹50,000 and a surety of the same amount.

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