Madras High Court criticized the parents for implicating the school authorities and teachers, whenever student commits the suicide, without evidence

Madras High Court

In this case while hearing the plea of the petitioner the court criticized the parents for implicating the school authorities and teachers without any evidence whenever students commit suicide. He also said that parents are also responsible to monitor child’s mental health. He said that if evidence are there then they can blame school authorities. The case was K Kala V/S Secretary, Education Department and others [W.P. No. 7429 of 2018 and W.M.P.No.9225 of 2018; 03.11.2022]. The case was presided by Mr. Justice S.M. SUBRAMANIAM.

Facts of the case

  1. In this case a 17 year old boy committed suicide. The petition was filed by the deceased student in which she said that her son was got tortured by the school headmaster. It was alleged that school headmaster used to cut the hairs of the boys in the public, tears the trouser of her son and other boys by using the blade and he also used to beat them.
  2. The petitioner relied on Section 17 of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 which prohibits any kind of physical or mental harassment to a child in a school. It contemplated disciplinary action against a person, who violates the provision.
  3. The state denied all the allegations on the headmaster saying that he only used to take care of the discipline of the school.  It was also informed to the court that the deceased student was also not good in studies and also irregular in the school. He also failed to attend the classes regularly.


The court after taking the consideration of the facts and evidences of the case said that the alleged headmaster was doing all these things for the betterment and if parents will criticized the efforts of the teachers then they will not be able to perform their duty. The court dismissed the petition against the headmaster. He also said that it is the duty of the parents to monitor the mind of their children to avoid these kind of incidents.

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