Madras High Court directs TN, HR AND CE department to prohibit use of mobile phones inside Temples, Sancity to be preserved.

Madras High court

The petition the petition was fired by the petitioner in the nature of PIL to issue writ of mandamus directing the respondent take effective measures to prohibit the possession and uses of Android cell phones inside the premises of the temple. The court also direct the Tamil Nadu government to private mobile phone uses in the temple. The case was M Seethraman V/S The Commisioner HR & CE nad another [(Mad)493 of 2022] Case no. Writ Petition (MD) No. 25439 of 2022; 02.12.2022. The case was presided by Justice R. MAHADEVAN and Justice J. SATHYA NARAYANA PRASAD.

Facts of the cases

  1. The petitioner Seetharaman was one of the three groups of Archakas in the Sri Subramaniya Swamy Temple. He said that worshiper take photographs and videos inside the temple premises which is contrary to Agama rules. It alsk endangers the security of the Temple.
  2. The petitioner also submitted that there was an apprehension that photographs of women devotee were taken out without their consent and being misused.
  3. The Court observed that under Section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Temple Entry Authorization Act, 1947 the temple authority can make the rules for the maintenance of the temple.


The court citing examples of the prohibition on usage of mobile phones in other temples like e Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayur, Meenakshi Amman Temple at Madura etc. the subjected temple can also impose the restriction on people to prohibit them for the use of mobile phones. Safe deposit can also be made there for submission of the Mobile phone or other electronic devices. The court said that, “It is the grievance of the petitioner that using cell phones by the people others and affects the purity of the deity, besides endangering the safety of the devotees and security of the temple and its valuables.Therefore, the respondent authorities will have to take steps to prohibit the usage of cell phones inside the premises of the temple, so as to preserve thesanctity and security of the temple, apart from ensuring safety of the devotees”.  The court also said that executive officer of the temple should inform the court about measures taken in the temple.

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