HC Holds Sadar Bazar Trader Guilty of Trademark Infringement For Continuing To Sell Louis Vuitton Products- Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court held sadar bazar trader guilty of trademark infringement for continuing the sale of Louis Vuitton Products, this was seen in the case of LOUIS VUITTON MALLETIER vs CAPITAL GENERAL STORE & ORS [CS(COMM) 469/2021 & I.A. 15066/2022], which was presided over by single bench of Justice C. Hari Shankar.



In the present case the defendants have been restrained from importing, manufacturing, selling or offering for sale or otherwise dealing with the registered trademarks “Louis Vuitton Malletier” or the logo “LV”, as well as other associated monograms and patterns, as would infringe the registered trademarks of the plaintiff on September 23,2021.

In the present application, the defendants have been alleged for the selling of infringed goods, rough invoices issued by the said defendants to the said effect evidencing sale have also been placed on record with the application.

Counsel for defendant acknowledges the fact that, despite the passing of the interim Defendant 2 did continue to deal in the infringing products.                                                                                        Defendant 2, however, expresses contrition and tenders an unconditional apology in that regard and prays for a lenient attitude by the Court.




The court held that Defendant is held guilty of contempt of having violated the order dated 23rd September 2021 passed by this Court.        To consider the aspect of sentencing, list on 2nd February 2023.



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