COURT Dismisses Bail Application For Prima Facie Abetment of Girl’s Suicide, Says Stalkers Derive Psychic Gains And Sadistic Pleasure- Madhya Pradesh High Court

The Madhya Pradesh High Court dismisses Bail Application For Prima Facie Abetment of Girl’s Suicide, Says Stalkers Derive Psychic Gains And Sadistic Pleasure, this was seen in the case of AMAR SINGH SEHRIA versus THE STATE OF MADHYA PRADESH[MISC. CRIMINAL CASE No. 50072 of 2022], which was presided over by Justice Anand Pathak.


The Applicant has been arrested in connection for the offence punishable under Section 306 of IPC. Applicant used to like the deceased and therefore, he followed her wherever she went. Being compelled by constant following and stalking, parents of deceased sent her to the house of her maternal grandparents where also applicant caused embarrassment to the victim while following her and asking about her whereabouts in village. When, she found no way-out, then she committed suicide.

The counsel for the applicant submitted that the applicant used to love her and therefore, followed her. It is not a case where he tried to cause any embarrassment/harassment to her. Confinement amounts to pretrial detention. Applicant undertakes to cooperate in trial as well as investigation and would make himself available as and when required.

The applicant has filed this third bail application u/S.439 Cr.P.C for grant of bail.



Some crimes give psychic gains and some crimes give monetary gains. Here, the case is of deriving psychic gains and sadistic pleasure where applicant followed and stalked the deceased, who happens to be a 16-year-old girl. Stalking, voyeurism and following any female not only causes deep embarrassment and harassment to her but also instills the sense of insecurity and lowers down her self-esteem, more prominently in feudalistic pattern of society where perpetrator of such crime treats his actions as trophy and tries to give a message to the society that he can capture his victim at will. Being driven by Stockholm Syndrome/ Helsinki Syndrome, victim at times surrenders to the perpetrator and this gives undue premium to his audacity.

Therefore, the application was dismissed by the court.


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