A written petition that is not adequately supported by a statement as to which statements are true to the petitioner’s knowledge and which are based on information in the record should be rejected: Patna High Court.

Tribuwan Ram, the late Mhadev Ram, of Village Husepur Nand, PSBasantpur, District Siwan, of the state of Bihar, settled this case. Tribuwan Ram v. State of Bihar’s Decision (Citation:HONORABLE MR. served CWJC No. 3629 of 2021) on the defendant. Honorable MR. and Justice CHAKRADHARI SHARAN SINGHMADHURESH PRASAD, JUSTICE

Facts of the case

The Bihar Targeted Public Distribution System (Control) Order is Respondent 4.It turns out that this petitioner had filed a complaint against the respondent in question with the authorities in accordance with the Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Act of 2015.4 regarding irregularities in the management of the aforementioned PDS shop.According to the aforementioned Act, the Appellate Authority had granted the petitioner’s appeal and directed the appropriate authority to investigate the petitioner’s concerns.The Licensing Authority, following the respondent’s rejection.4 a hearing opportunity, his license had been revoked.No, respondent.4 then requested an appeal before the Appellate Authority in accordance with the BTPDS (Control) Order of 2016.In a detailed order dated 10.04.2018, the Appellate Authority, or Collector Siwan, addressed the contentions made on behalf of Respondent No., the appeal was granted.4 and came to the conclusion that the Sub-divisional Officer-cum-Licensing Authority made the decision to cancel the license without looking at the report that a Committee that was set up to look into the truth of the allegations made against the petitioner made.The Appellate Authority granted the appeal, overturned the Licensing Authority’s decision, and, as a result, ordered the respondent’s license to be restored.4.However, the matter was remanded to the Licensing Authority for a reasoned decision.The petitioner opposed the aforementioned Appellate Authority’s order by submitting Supply Revision No.99/2018 before Chapra’s Commissioner of the Saran Division.An order dated October 29, 2018, dismissed the revision application on the grounds that the petitioner, as a third party, lacked locus standi to challenge the Appellate Authority’s decision.


The court decided that the writ petition should be rejected because it is not adequately supported by statements that are based on information in the record and are true to the petitioner’s knowledge.Additionally, this writ petition merits a cost-free dismissal due to its lack of merit.As a result, this writ petition is denied at a cost of Rs.5,000/- must be deposited by the petitioner in the Bihar State Legal Services Authority’s account within a month of the judgment’s publication.

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