The concerned respondent was ordered by the Patna High Court to follow the law when selecting candidates for the Sevika/Sahayika position at the Anganbari Centre.

Mamta Kumari, the wife of Awadh Kumar, filed this lawsuit against the State of Bihar in the village of Loharganwa, Ward No. 08, P.S. Keshariya, District East Champaran. The Final Decision in Mamta Kumari v. The State of BiharHONORABLE MR. served CWJC No.1590 of 2022) on the defendant. P. B. BAJANTHRI, JUSTICE

Facts of the case

In accordance with Article 226 of the Indian Constitution of 1950, this case was resolved.In this case, the petitioner requests that the court direct the respondent authorities to publish a selection list for the “Sevika” position in Lohargawn Panchayat, Ward No.08.In addition, the respondent requests that the Court direct the relevant authority to implement the transparency policy on the selection list within the allotted time.


After looking at the facts and circumstances, the court decided that the short question to be considered was whether or not to complete the selection process in response to the 2020 advertisement for the position of Sevika/Sahayika at the Anganbari Centre in various locations.In addition, the court ordered the concerned respondent to proceed with the selection and appointment process for the Sevika/Sahayika position at the Anganbari Centre in accordance with the law and with priority within four months of receiving this order.

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