Petition was dismissed because the petitioner wasn’t the aggrieved party: Uttarakhand High Court

Petition was dismissed by the Uttarakhand High Court because the petitioner wasn’t the aggrieved party in the case of M/S Tanuja Parwati Transport vs Indian Oil Corporation Limited through Sudhanshu Dhulia, J.,


A petition was filed in this case. The petitioner was a transporter who submitted a proposal for 13 trucks out of the 100 trucks needed to deliver gas cylinders in the E-tender procedure that the respondent had requested. However, only two trucks were chosen.

Further, the respondent requested the provision of extra vehicles from the current transporters because the requirement for 100 trucks could not be met. The petitioners criticised it for being opaque and argued that the e-tender process should be open to everyone, not just the current transporters.


The Court observed that first, the petitioner had no justification for contesting the order because he was already the transporter and had been ordered to provide additional trucks, and, second, that e-tendering was a time-consuming process and that gas cylinders were the primary good being transported, so there was no justification for contesting the matter.

As a result, the petition was dismissed because the petitioner wasn’t the aggrieved party.

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