Appellant released on probation so that she could change her ways: Uttarakhand High Court

Appellant released on probation so that she could change her ways is ruled by Uttarakhand High Court in the case of Resham Singh v. State of Uttarakhand through Justice R.C. Khulbe.


In the instant case, an appeal was brought by a party who had been wronged by the judgement and order made by the Additional Sessions Judge, according to which Resham Singh, the appellant, had been found guilty under Section 224 of the Penal Code of 1860 and was given a two-year prison sentence as well as a 5,000 rupee fine. Beero Bai, the appellant, was found guilty of violating Sections 147, 332/149, and 225/149 of the Penal Code. For each of these three offences, she received a one-year prison sentence and a $1,000 fine.


The Court held that given that the appellant was a first-time offender and that the incident appeared to have occurred 23 years ago, it would be ineffective to send her to jail to serve out the remainder of her sentence. Instead, it was decided that she should be released on probation so that she could change her ways.

Accordingly, the Court partially upheld the appeal.

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