Action To Be Taken Against Man Who Produced Fake Medical Documents, Including Pregnancy Reports, Seeking Reinstatement In Service: Madhya Pradesh High Court

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has asked its Registrar General to file a complaint case against the Petitioner in the matter of Atul Kumar Tiwari v. State of Madhya Pradesh & Ors., (Writ Petition No. 27122 of 2021) for making false allegations and presenting fraudulent medical records before the Court.

Basic Facts Of The Case: Justice Atul Sreedharan was examining a writ petition in which the petitioner was challenging the decision made by his employers to deny his request for a leave of absence for the years 2003 to 2006, due to a serious illness and to restore him in his position.

The petitioner submitted before the court that he had heart issues and was receiving ongoing treatment from many different doctors. Due to the fact that he was absent without leave throughout that time due to the same, his employer terminated his employment.

Analysis & Judgment: The Court observed that the Petitioner had stated in his statement that this was his third petition before the Court, despite the State’s argument that he had omitted to mention the forth petition. It highlighted that the Petitioner had submitted a number of papers pertaining to his purported heart condition, including certificates and prescriptions, which lacked the physicians’ signatures. The Court further noticed that he had submitted many OPD tickets and treatment slips from government-run healthcare facilities.

The Court specifically called attention to one medical document that the Petitioner submitted that showed he was experiencing labour pains. On page 39 of the admission slip, which was issued in his name by the Samuhik Swasthya Kendra but did not specify a location, it is written, “C/O Amenorrhea 9 month labour pain started this morning 5 A.M.” In other words, the Petitioner, a man 33 years old (as of 29/09/11), was wheeled into the delivery room while experiencing labour pains, which is another instance of an immaculate conception without any information about the messiah delivered therefrom.

According to the Court, the Petitioner blatantly filed false documents with complete disrespect for the Court. After making the aforementioned observations, the Court dismissed the petition and further urged its Registrar General to file a complaint case against the petitioner for any violations of Sections 468 and 471 of the IPC as well as any other IPC provisions or any other applicable laws that could result in a prosecution.



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