A receptionist at a hotel suspected of being a brothel was given bail: Karnataka high court.

Bail granted to an accused who was working as a receptionist at a hotel which was allegedly being used as a brothel, is upheld by the High Court of Karnataka through the learned Judge JUSTICE H.P SANDESH in the case of Prakash Sharma S/O Mehdi Sharma v. State By Marathahalli Police Station (CRIMINAL PETITION NO.4281 OF 2022)


Brief facts of the case: According to the complaint, the petitioner and the second defendant obtained CWs.4 and 5 for guaranteed high-paying employment. Nevertheless, it is alleged that defendant No. 2 contacted clients via telephone and engaged CWs.4 and 5 in prostitution.

Relying on this data, a raid was performed and it was discovered that defendant No. 2 was operating a brothel in the hotel owned by Berry. The petitioner in this case was also arrested in connection with the crime, and Rs. 1,000 was seized from him. The Petitioner said that the complaint itself states that he worked as a receptionist in the hotel and that only Accused No. 2 is specifically accused of running a brothel and contacting customers. It was stated that the petitioner was only an employee at the hotel and that CWs.4 and 5 make no particular charges against him.

The Prosecution, on the other hand, opposed the plea, stating that the Petitioner had arranged for the victims to be subjected to sexual acts and that, despite the fact that an allegation is made against accused No. 2, the Petitioner assisted accused No. 2 in running a brothel, and there is a prima facie case against him.

JUDGMNET: The bench noted that the petitioner was employed as a hotel receptionist and that only the second defendant was accused of soliciting clients. In actuality, the hotel’s victims produced statements against just the second defendant. There are no specific complaints against the petitioner.


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