Grant   of  relief under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution is  against public  policy  or  barred by  any  valid  law; and host  of  other  factors: Patna High Court.

This case was a writ Petition filled by Punam  Devi,  W/o  Shashi  Bhushan  Ram,  R/o  Village  Harpur,  P.O.  and  P.S. Dariyapur, District  Saran gains the State of Bihar. The Judgment in Punam Devi v. State of Bihar (Citation: CWJC  No.671  of  2021( was served by HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE P. B. BAJANTHRI. 


This was a Writ Petition filled under Article 226 of the Constitution of India,  1950. Through this Petition the Petitioner wants the Court to quash  the  memo  no.  716 dated  30.04.0220  issued  by  the  District Programme  Officer,  Saran  whereby the appeal  of  the  petitioner has  been rejected with direction to  the Child Development Officer  for  verification of documents  of  selected candidates. Also to direct  the respondent authority  to verify the  voter  list  of  the  family  of  selected  candidate and to quash the selection  of Respondent and  direct  the  respondent authority  as  per  guideline  issued  by the  State  Government,  on  the  basis  of merit  list,  issue  selection  letter  in  favour of  the petitioner.


In  the  light  the facts  and  arguments,  the Court observed that the  present petition is  premature and hence deserve to be disposed off. However the court reserved the liberty  to  the  petitioner  to  approach appellate authority in filing an appeal. The court ordered the appellate  authority to take  note  of Section  14  of  the Limitation  Act,  1963  for  the  purpose  of condonation  of  delay  in presenting memorandum  of  appeal.


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