PIL filed for a change the place where solid waste management will be established; orders have been given: Karnataka High Court

The decision, issued directives for the establishment of solid waste management units based on the specialized decision of relevant authorities is upheld by the High Court of Karnataka through the learned bench HON’BLE CHIEF JUSTICE RITU RAJ AWASTHI HON’BLE JUSTICE.R.KRISHNA KUMAR in the case of AB Devaraju v. The state of Karnataka (Writ Petition no. 6386 of 2022)

Brief facts of the case:- The present writ petition was submitted pursuant to Articles 226 and 227 of the Constitution of India, requesting the issuance of a mandamus or other relevant writ instructing the respondent officials to relocate the site designated for the establishment of the solid waste management component of the Somanahalli Grama Panchayat of the Amabigarahalli village of the Mandya district. It is said that the planned location is quite close to the waterway, and as a result, there is great concern that the solid waste dump there would contaminate the body of water. Additionally, it is said that there are temples adjacent, and thus, this could alter the religious feelings of those who attend the temples. It could result in environmental contamination and health risks for those who reside nearby. The petitioners, who are said to be inhabitants of the region, have filed a complaint, but it has not been reviewed by the relevant authorities.

JUDGEMENT- The Court said that it is the responsibility of the relevant authorities to choose the most appropriate location for the creation of the solid waste management unit. The environmental effect of solid waste disposal must be considered while choosing a site. It must not have an adverse effect on the area’s population or the ecosystem as a whole.


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