In case the duty report has not been accepted, the concerned authority should accept joining report within a specified period: Patna High Court.

This case was filled by Sumit  Kumar  Ram  Son  of  Late  Kailash  Ram  Resident  of  Village-  Chhitraur, Ward No. 16, P.s. Matihani,  District- Begusarai against the State of Bihar. The Judgment in Sumit Kumar  Ram  v. State of Bihar (Citation: CWJC  No.2082  of  2021) was served by HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE P. B. BAJANTHRI. 


The present case was a writ Petition filled before the learned Bench under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, 1950. This Writ Petition was filled against the resolution dated  7th of November 2019 of  the District compassionate committee, Begusarai,   contained   in Memo  No. 1423,  dated  3rd December 2019 issued  under  the signature  of  the  Incharge Officer,  the    District  General Branch, Begusarai,   whereby, the proposal  for appointment   of   the   petitioner   on compassionate   ground   has   been rejected   on  a capricious  and  cryptic manner.

Further the Petitioner asked the Court to direct the Respondents authorities not to discriminate the   petitioner for appointment  on   the   ground   of   age determination  by  the  Medical  Board, which  was  not implemented  during  life time  of  the  father  of  the petitioner,  who was  working  Chaukidar  at  the  time  of his  death. Further a direction  was sought against the respondents  to  appointment the  petitioner  on  compassionate  ground  due  to  the death  of bread  earner to  his  family.


The Hon’ble Court after going through the submissions made by the parties disposed of the petition with an observation that in case an  formality  is  required  to  be completed for the purpose of this case and the alleged appointment,  the  same  shall be completed  at  the  earliest.  Further, incase  the  petitioner’s  duty  report  has not been  accepted  as  on  that date,  the concerned  authority  was  directed  to accept  joining  report  within  a  period  of two  days  from that date.


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