An unwitting confession of the Indian Side says Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: Supreme Court.

India’s sentiments are one of the most important things in this country. How we view certain situations and how we react to them have the capability to set the standard for where we stand in the eyes of the world. Recently in the case of the Union Minister, General ( Rtd. ) V K Singh, where he has allegedly made some very distasteful remarks on the India China LAC issue.

The Supreme court bench that is handling this case is headed by Chief Justice N. V. Ramana is hearing the petition filed by the activist Chandrasekaran Ramasamy with reference to a speech that was made by the Union Minister in Madurai, Tamil Nadu on the 7th of February where V. K. Singh has allegedly said that “Let me assure you if China has transgressed 10 times, we must have transgressed atleast 50 times as per our perception.”

In this case the Chief Justice has observed that “Somebody does not approve of comments made by a minister and so the solution is file a petition in the court to remove them? If he has done something, it is for the prime minister to act if it is inappropriate. The Court cannot pass any orders.”

V. K. Singh was formerly the Indian Army Chief and is currently serving as the Union Minister of State and Transport Highways.

According to the petition the speech was made with intent to incite hatred, contempt, dissatisfaction and was trying to excite dissatisfaction towards the Government as established by Law in India. Due to this the petition alleged thay it was an assault on the Unity and Integrity of India and this is how the Union Minister V. K. Singh has committed a breach of his oath.

Chandrashekharan stated that the comment made by V. K. Singh was in direct contradiction of the official stand taken by the government of India.

The plea further stated that this speech has already had political implications as the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson has called this an “unwitting confession by the Indian side.”

The petition relies on Section 124 (A) of the Indian Penal Code that deals with the offence of sedition and alleges that due to the failure of maintaining secrecy by the Union Minister V. K. Singh’s comments, he has acception this “anti national offence” of making fake and factually incorrect accusations against India and has thereby voluntarily resigned his Ministerial position.

With this postions in mind the petitions looked for the following prayer.

1. Issue a write of mandamus or any other writ that is deemed appropriate or a direction order or suggestion or observation that declares that the Union Minister General (Rtd) V. K. Singh has committed a breach of his oath.

2. Pass an order of such that this Hon’ble Court may deem fit and proper under the facts and circumstances of the case.

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