Dissatisfaction over Covid-19 management in state expresses: Andhra Pradesh High Court

The Andhra Pradesh High Court expressed deep dissatisfaction on Thursday with the way the authorities are handling the Covid-19 situation in the state. This was stated in the case of M/S Lotus hospital and others vs the state of Andhra Pradesh and others. [WRIT PETITION no-9914 OF 2021]

On hearing a case under petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India praying that in the circumstances stated in the affidavit filed therewith, the high court may be pleased to issue an appropriate writ or order more particularly in the nature of “Writ of Mandamus” Special Original Jurisdiction HIGH COURT OF ANDHRA PRADESH AT AMARAVATI W.P (PIL) Nos.226 of 220 &77 of 2021. Hearing a Public Interest Litigation filed by Thota Suresh of Guntur and state civil rights, Justice c Praveen Kumar directed the state government to take measures on war footing to treat covid patients The bench was enraged by the contradictions in the State government’s affidavit, which stated that there was no shortage of oxygen and the COVID nodal officers’ statements that oxygen beds were not available. It questioned the officials’ lack of coordination. 

“There should be every attempt by the State to make sure that these pivotal aspects, which go a long way in the management of Covid-19 are seriously addressed and deficiencies are immediately rectified for the effective functioning of the system” a Division Bench comprising of Chief Justice Arup Kumar Goswami and Justice C. Praveen Kumar stated.  

The bench requested that the government streamline the nodal officer system and ensure that help is extended when people call helplines, pointing out that in Vijayawada when 56 nodal officers were called, only 22 responded.  Those who responded said there were no beds available but did not offer alternative solutions, according to the report. The court ordered the government to increase the number of ICUs and requested a report on Covid treatment given to women who are pregnant, and the order stated that considering the number of persons with Covid-19 daily it will not become unnecessary to believe that many more beds will be required in the hospitals in the coming days if the current rate of infection continues. The State shall take due account of the rise in the number of beds, the number of beds in ICU and ventilators, etc. And in the meanwhile, keeping in view the plight of patients The Bench has asked the Central Government to consider the State’s request for supply of Oxygen concentrators and allocation of more PSA plants for generation of oxygen for captive consumption.  

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